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It all began in 1985. I was a teenager working for my older brother, Jim Caroll, when he decided to direct all of our attention to hardwood flooring. We were furniture refinishers at the time. Jim and I accidentally ruined a client’s floor while stripping some woodwork and were forced to learn how to refinish wooden floors and thus, we started down our career path. Soon after, Jim opened a new business called Buffalo Hardwood. Jim sent me to work with master craftsmen to learn all aspects of the hardwood flooring trade. We installed hundreds and hundreds of floors together, from the simplest to some of the most elaborate decorative wooden floors ever installed in our area. We were five time winners of the prestigious NWFA Floor of the Year award in the 1990’s. Over the next decade, the business quadrupled in size and became a household name. In 2003, Jim decided to sell Buffalo Hardwood and focus on his Italian wood import business. I decided to venture out on my own and formed M P Caroll Hardwood in July of that year. My brother and I certainly accomplished many great things together since our humble beginnings as furniture refinishers. Every day I’m proud and honored to build on that legacy.



Since 1985, the Caroll name has stood for high quality wood flooring. Today, the entire
M P Caroll Hardwood team continues the tradition of providing the very best in high quality products, excellence in installation and the highest level of customer service. Owner operator, Mike Caroll, has learned the business from the ground up, enabling him to become and remain a leader in the hardwood flooring industry both locally and nationally. Mike personally researches all the products
M P Caroll sells and oversees all installation work to ensure every project is completed to meet the high level of quality M P Caroll Hardwood is known to deliver. As a result, M P Caroll Hardwood has become the choice of WNY’s premier builders, designers and architects. M P Caroll is also a full service hardwood floor store for do-it-yourselfers and contractors. You’ll find everything needed to install your own beautiful hardwood flooring including installation lessons.

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